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Staycation 2020, Lovin' Where We Live!

The South Bay and the LA area is a vacation destination for many people. Why escape when you can stay? Summer 2020 is providing an excellent opportunity for a staycation. We have always enjoyed staycations. When our kids were young, we would take them to grandma and grandpa’s house and then we would head home! We enjoyed bike rides, local hikes, beach days, and amazing dinners at local restaurants. We would be just as rejuvenated at the end of our staycation as if we had explored out of town. See below for some tips on how to make your 2020 staycation a memorable adventure.

Transform your backyard into your own, personal resort. You’ll be setting the stage for a relaxing vacation AND increasing the value of your home at the same time. With all the money you’re not spending on a destination vacation, you can create your own beautiful escape. Think about your favorite vacation destination. What qualities that help you relax and make you feel like you’re away from home? Consider adding some bright flowers and/or plants to your outdoor space. We recommend getting fresh cut flowers and decorating the outdoor dining table with floral centerpieces. If you have a small space, find a petite table and decorate it with a delicate centerpiece. Spruce up your seating area by adding pillows and/or soft, cozy blankets to your existing furniture or find a unique piece of furniture to add to your outdoor space. Look for a hammock for two, a cozy chaise lounge, or lounge chairs to invite you to a morning cup of coffee or evening spirit. Nothing creates a chill mood more than soft outdoor lighting. Whether it’s candles, outdoor lanterns, or a string of lights, lighting will encourage you to venture out for some star gazing, late night talks, or games with your family. You may also consider a beverage cart or retro cooler and stock up on your favorite drinks. Stay away from buying your usual beverages and bring out the drink umbrellas. If you have a pool, add some fun floaties and water toys. For a spa-like atmosphere, hang wind chimes and spread out a new yoga mat to enjoy yoga in the sun or a sweet meditation outdoors. Don’t forget the opportunity to bring out the tent and camp in your backyard. (Bonus!! You will have running water and a clean bathroom for your midnight bathroom run!)

After you have designed your personal resort, start planning your vacation. The most important part of a staycation is an agreement. Yep, an agreement. Make an agreement with yourself, your spouse, and your family. No work, no calls or text that are work related, no laundry, no ordinary day stuff….and get everyone off their devices! Imagine you are at a resort with no WIFI and a BAAAAD cell reception. If that seems extreme, come up with an obtainable plan and stick it. Give yourself permission to drop out of society for a brief or not so brief time.

Plan the fun. Since it’s easy to fall into daily routines when we are home, plan activities for every day. Learn a new game, go paddle boarding, take a bike ride, order pizza and down to the beach for a sunset dinner, do a virtual yoga class as a family, go for a hike, plan meals and decide which restaurants you would like to get takeout from, stock up on “vacation” munchies and treats, download your favorite movies or choose new movies to watch. Get creative and connect with what you love to do on vacation. Most likely the thing you love most is uninterrupted time with your family! Chances are you can participate in many of the same activities you love on vacation from the comfort of your own home and neighborhood. Take lots of pictures and share your staycation adventures with others. Inspire others to go on a staycation!

Have a great staycation. We can’t wait to see your adventures. Enjoy the South Bay and LA.

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