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Steve Day is a South Bay native whose father bought property in Palos Verdes long before it was developed. In fact, Steve’s grandfather thought it was a crazy idea for his son to purchase the underdeveloped land, so he declined his request to borrow money.


However, Steve's father still pursued his dream of owning land close to the water and built their family home in Rolling Hills, where Steve spent his childhood playing on the nearby cliffs with his three brothers.

One of Steve's fondest childhood memories is staring out to Catalina from the cliffs, wearing a red cape on his back, stretching out his arms and wanting to fly over the ocean. He spent many afternoons building forts, playing with neighbors, swimming in the pool and waiting to hear the prompt of the dinner bell to come in and spend time with family. Steve still reminisces on the lazy summer days when he’d hitch a ride to Torrance Beach for Junior Guards and hang out with friends.


A Cal State Long Beach graduate of Political Science, Steve tried his hand at politics, law, and the Air National Guard before getting a call from a good friend who invited him to work for his father’s Paramount real estate company. Though the job required Spanish as a fluent language, and Steve's Spanish was rusty, he sold three homes after his first weekend. This marked the beginning of his real estate career and his growing passion for negotiating, helping people buy and sell, and working with investors to buy, renovate, and sell property. In fact, Steve acquired his B-1 contractors license to buy homes to flip and sell.

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Kendra Day always dreamed of living at the beach and raising her family close to the water. As a youngster, she couldn’t wait for summers when a group of family friends would all drive to the beach from her hometown of La Verne, California. Afternoons were spent boogie boarding and body surfing, and Kendra was always last to get out of the water.


A University of La Verne Master's of Education graduate, Kendra put her teaching credential to use at the age of 23, when she started teaching kindergarten. Her love for children and passion for education led to a career as an elementary school teacher.

When Steve and Kendra married, they wanted to have children right away. At eight months pregnant, Kendra took a leave from education and began helping Steve with real estate. She immediately took interest and, after taking her real estate exam, started working with Steve. Not long after, they decided to move the business and its focus to the South Bay, and Day & Associates was born.


Since starting their family, Steve and Kendra dreamed of having a place to go yearly to rejuvenate, connect, make memories, and be in nature. Because their greatest pleasure is spending time with their beautiful family — which consists of six children, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and grandson — camping together in Yosemite National Park for a week has become an annual tradition.

Together, they have blazed the trails of the valley, floated down the Merced River, biked through the paths of the area, and spent hours around a campfire laughing, playing games, and sharing stories. Everyone in the family has hiked Half Dome at least once, and it is Steve’s goal to hike Half Dome at 80 years old with the whole family, grandchildren and all.  


When these top South Bay real estate agents aren’t helping clients, spending time with family, or traveling, they love spending their time in the South Bay, dining out, biking along the Strand, or just hanging out in their backyard.

“People come to our neighborhood to vacation.  We love taking time to enjoy the area and community around us!” –Steve and Kendra Day

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Jackson Day is a third generation South Bay native. Growing up on the Redondo Beach Avenues, he enjoyed surfing and swimming at the beautiful beaches in the area.  After high school, Jackson attended colleges in Santa Barbara, Oregon, and San Luis Obispo. He traveled internationally to live in Kuwait for a year to coach CrossFit.   After his overseas adventure, he returned to the South Bay and quickly remembered how special the area is.  Now he is proud to call the South Bay his permanent home.

Jackson purchased a home in Old Torrance where he now resides with his wife and their infant son. You might see him riding his bike in Palos Verdes, enjoying local coffee shops and restaurants, or taking an early morning ocean swim in Redondo Beach.


Like everyone at Day & Associates, Jackson knows firsthand how amazing the beach cities are to call home.  He has gained a wealth of information and personal experience to help clients, from first time buyers to seasoned income property investors, find the properties of their dreams …  from Santa Monica to Long Beach and beyond. 



Sarah Shepherd was born and raised in the South Bay. She has a true passion for locating the perfect property for her clients’ needs and desires. Her college studies gave her a valuable background in communications to help tailor the home buying experience for her clients. 


A true native, she has a keen knowledge to share about all things local.   Sarah strives to ensure that her clients find the South Bay home purchasing process smooth and comfortable.

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