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We help you before, during, and after you sell or buy your home.

CONNECTIONS to the top tradespeople

Sellers, preparing your home for sale is vital. We have connections to the top tradespeople in the Beach Cities who can help with minor repairs or major renovations. We will help you schedule appointments for deep cleaning, window cleaning, and repairs of all shapes and sizes. Knowing who to call is our business!

WE negotiate CREDIT REQUESTS And Repairs

Buyers, many times, after you do a physical inspection of a property, more, in-depth inspections are needed, or concerns about the property are brought to our attention.  Sorting through the physical inspection can be overwhelming. Steve held his B-1 contractor’s license for over 17 years and understands the ins and outs of construction. This experience helps him guide you on the best way to handle repairs and negotiate a credit and/or repairs with the seller. We know who to call for further inspections and have connections with the top tradespeople in the Beach Cities who will give fair estimates for inspections, repairs, remodeling and renovations.


Whether you are buying or selling, moving is a major stressor. We will help set up appointments with a trusted moving company who can help with a range of services from providing boxes to packing up everything, moving and unpacking for you.


Minor details are often overlooked and end up causing more stress. We make sure to connect you with local utility companies and, in most cases, we can have your utilities transferred for you. Our relationship with you doesn’t end when escrow close

Once You Move, We Can Help you find new vendors for your daily living

Once you’ve moved into your new home, you are welcome to reach out to us to access our referral network of the top businesses in the South Bay. We have close relationships with reputable businesses and professionals who can help with your daily living, ranging from florists, trust attorneys, plumbers, electricians, caterers, event planners, painters, window cleaners, and just about anyone you may need for running a smooth household.

We offer an annual updated analysis of your property.

The market is constantly changing.  We can help you determine your property’s value at any time.

We have access to a
title company and notary

If you ever need legal documents notarized or verify if your property is vested correctly, we can connect you with our professional officers.

We Help broaden your investment portfolio

Your next stage in real estate may be to invest. We have been helping friends, family, and clients broaden their investment portfolio for over 37 years by buying residential single family and multi-unit investments.

We have a full-service property management company

We manage residential real estate and can help you manage your real estate investment. We have a full-service management company and manage single family and multi-unit residential complexes.

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