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Fall for the Change and be Prepared!

During the fall season, we see change right before our eyes. Leaves are changing colors and falling, daylight is shortening, temperatures start to drop, and even the sounds and smells around us change. In Southern California, some of these changes are subtle, the palm trees don’t change color, and we may experience very warm temperatures until the end of October. We may not share the Pinterest pictures of children playing in leaves, color adorned trees, or crispy autumn nights but there is change.

Autumn is a time to retreat indoors and focus on creating a safe and comforting home.

Create a warm, comforting environment at home to open a space for your whole family to cuddle into and rejuvenate. As you pull out the pumpkin scented candles, warm colored pillows, halloween decorations, make sure to take care of these important tasks around your home to avoid costly repairs and possible dangers.


The gutters around your roof diverts water away from your home’s exterior and walls. It is really important to keep the gutter clear to avoid damaged surfaces. Have your gutters cleaned and consider covering them with mesh guards to keep debris from returning.


Let’s face it, there are many winters in the South Bay when we hardly get any rain. We easily forget to check our roof for damage or leaks. Then we are hit with the unexpected, rainy, wet winter and we had no idea we have roof issues. Finding out about roof issues in the middle of a rainy winter is not the time to learn about problems. It is the exact time roofing companies are really busy and may not be able to repair your leak quickly. We see it so often. Roofing companies are over worked during a rainy season and homeowners incur more water damage because of the delay to fix the problem. Inspect the roof for missing, damaged and curled shingles. Also, check your gutters. If there are a lot of granules from the roof in the gutter, that is a sign that you are losing the coating from your roof. If that is the case, you can expect a problem.


Your furnace filter probably worked hard last year and kept dust from your home. It needs to be replaced or cleaned. Clean filters help keep your home at a comfortable temperature and help decrease your utility bill. Either replace or clean your filter. It is also a good idea to have your heating system inspected by a professional. Taking care of these issues in the fall will help prevent unexpected calls to heating professionals when they, too, are really busy in the winter.


Even if you rarely use your fireplace it is recommended to inspect it annually. We recommend having it professionally inspected. During the inspection ask a lot of questions and get educated. Once you’ve learned what to look for this is something you can do on your own, yearly.


Even in Southern California, we use the heater more, cozy up to a fire in the fireplace, enjoy baking, and use the oven more. These activities put your home at greater risk for fire and carbon monoxide leakage. Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Test the detectors by pressing the test button or hold a blown out candle close to the unit.

Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher. Make sure the extinguisher is rated for all fire types. If you already have an extinguisher, check to make sure it is charged, the lock pin is in place, and that the nozzle is clear. Replace any extinguisher that is damaged or older that 6 years old. When you purchase a new unit, mark the date of purchase on the unit with permanent marker.

Enjoy the fall, pumpkin lattes, baking, cozy nights by the fireplace, soups, and close family time.

For a list of professionals who can help with inspections and repairs, call Steve at 310-529-6456.

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