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Out-of-State Realtor Referral

Referrals and relationships have been the cornerstone of our business. It is how we built our business and it’s how we do business with others. With modern technology, internet searches, and online reviews, it can be enticing to reach out to businesses without a referral or connection. Granted, for low risk business relationships there is not too much to lose without a personal referral, maybe a bad meal or a funky hair cut. When it comes to business that may cost or save us hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars we only work with people who have proven they are experts in their field, provide excellent service, and are referred by people we know and trust.

One of our goals is to continue to build relationships and connect with people who provide the level of service and expertise we provide. For the past 15 years, we have gone beyond our local sphere of professionals and have built strong relationships WITH REALTORS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. When friends, family, and/or clients want to move to another county or out-of-state, we want to confidently refer agents who will take care of them the way we would. Moving out of the area can be a big change and we aim to make your move easy.

For the past few months, we have been receiving calls from clients inquiring about an out-of- state move, what their options are, and what to consider. A significant factor to consider when moving to a new area is the realtor who will help you find your new home and protect you before, during, and after the transaction. We can help you with this important decision. If we have to say goodbye, we want to make sure you have the best realtor working for you.

Call us for a referral and we will connect you to a great out-of-state real estate agent. We will continue to work for you during your move and with the out-of state agent to make sure your experience is exceptional.

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