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Spring Cleaning Checklist

The South Bay actually had a winter. We loved the rain, wind and cold days and nights. It was so nice to be able to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a fire in the fireplace. Our home was protecting us from the elements and now it is time to give back and take care of it. Use this checklist to assess any wear or damage from the winter and prepare for the warmer months.


1) Check your water heater for leaks and/or corrosion

2) Clean or replace your furnace filter

3) Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and under the dryer

4) Inspect your smoke detectors. Make sure each bedroom has a smoke detector and there is a CO2 detector close to the kitchen and any hallway leading to bedrooms.

5) Have the fireplace inspected and cleaned

6) Clean ceiling fans

7) Clean out the refrigerator and freezer

8) Check all light bulbs and make sure you have the correct wattage. It’s a great time to change light bulbs to LED bulbs. Dust off the bulbs.

9) Turn off heating system and have it cleaned.

10) Maintain your air conditioner and have central-air units professionally serviced.

We highly recommend updating your home with central air conditioning. The summer months are the most busy for HVAC companies. Save time and money by making the upgrade, now.


1) Check your roof for leaks and damage

2) Clean gutters and downspouts

3) Check your sprinkler system for any damaged sprinkler heads

4) Cultivate and reseed your lawn

5) Clean the barbecue

6) Have the windows and screens cleaned

7) Power wash the fascia, siding, porch and patio

8) Clear out any weeds and plant some colorful plants


Reset your sprinkler timer to adjust to longer and warmer days

Choosing a tradesperson you trust, who will provide quality work, at a reasonable price can be difficult. We highly recommend the following companies to help you maintain your home.

Apex Roofing

Ed Furer

(310) 320-7663

Evenflow Mechanical Inc.

(310) 326-2249

The Chimney Guy

(323) 284-8189

Ruiz Landscaping

Alfonzo Ruiz

(310) 292-5780

Rain Gutter Company

(310) 880-5587

If you need additional resources, call Steve Day at 310-529-6456 for referrals.

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