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Remodeling Considerations

Recently, clients called and shared the news that they are expecting their 3rd child. After the excitement of their news, my mind quickly went to real estate, and thought, "Oh, they are definitely going to need more space." In addition to their expanding family, they host out-of-town guests and family several months out of the year. They would like to expand their 3 bedroom home to a 4 bedroom without adding square footage. Their main question was, "Will we get a return on our investment?"

Most buyers want double sinks, a shower, and tub in the master bathroom!

The next day I was standing in their master bedroom considering all the options on the layout and how they could design the home to include a fourth bedroom and still have a nice master bed and bathroom. With our great architect/design/build recommendations, I am confident one of our referrals can design and execute a beautiful remodel. It's totally possible in their space. But will they get a return on their investment? After researching the market, and with a rough estimate of costs, it would be about a break even in today's market.

While discussing some of their ideas, some important considerations and thoughts came to mind that are valuable for all homeowners planning to remodel.

When considering a remodel reflect on how long you want to live in your home. If you are planning to sell in the next 5-7 years, consider buyer's preferences when thinking about your remodel. For example, in the above case, the current owners are comfortable with a master bathroom without a tub. However, I would suggest including a tub in the master bathroom because they anticipate moving in the next few years. The majority of buyers want a master bathroom with double sinks, shower, and bathtub.

If you are remodeling and intend to stay in your home for years, design with your needs and wants as first priority. Always have an awareness of selling in the future. Some design features are minor obstacles when selling. Other designs will impact the value of your home. More than anything, make sure the design flows and doesn't shout out "REMODEL, ADD-ON, NOT ORIGINAL!"

Our clients do not require a lot of closet space and were considering a small walk-in closet. Their layout probably won't allow for an average size, walk-in closet without compromising the aesthetics. But there is more than enough space for a large closet. The key to the closet will be designing a beautiful, unique, custom closet (and, oh, did I find some beautiful closets on Pinterest). Storage and closet space are value increasers.

Also, remember to keep within the same design style of your home. You may love mid- century modern but if your home is Spanish adobe do not stray from the original design. This recommendation applies even if you plan to live in your home forever. Stay consistent with style and design. Your loved ones will thank you in the future!

There are many considerations when remodeling your home. We are available to review any designs, make suggestions based on current trends and buyer expectations, recommend architects, designers, builders, and trades people. (And truth be told, we love remodeling projects. It will be so fun!) Give us a call!

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