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Photo Shoot Ready!

Most likely, the first introduction buyers will have to your home is through the Multiple Listing Service (the MLS) and Internet. Buyers will look at the cover photo and the price of your home. Once buyers determine the price is within their range, they will start scrolling through pictures. The pictures of your property will be the buyer's first impression of your property.

It is your realtor’s job to hire a professional photographer to make sure the listing is presented with photos that will have the correct angles and lighting to accentuate your home’s features to be seen in print and online ads. As good as professionals photographers are, they need a little help from you.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Declutter your home. This cannot be emphasized enough. Not only will your property look better in the photos but it will show better when buyers walk through. Clutter makes a house feel smaller. No matter what size home a buyer is looking for, they usually want more space. When your home is clutter, no matter how big it is, it will appear small. We have seen de-cluttered, small spaces look large. Take the time to declutter. It will make a huge difference.

2) Arrange furniture. Arranging furniture is really important when preparing for photos. It may surprise you to learn that properly grouping your furniture will make the space feel larger. Furniture moved against the wall makes the room appear smaller and less welcoming. Grouping the furniture makes the room feel warm and comfortable.

3) Remember Lighting. Common comments we hear about homes are related to the lighting. “I love the natural lighting in this house.” “It’s so light and bright in here. It makes me feel good.” OR “It’s too dark.” “I feel like I’m in a cave.” Make sure your window coverings are clean and if needed, replaced. It’s best if they are easy to open during showings. Natural lighting is the best lighting to welcome people into your home. To accentuate the natural lighting, make sure you have a combination of lamp, floor and ceiling lighting. Test your lights to make sure all the bulbs are working and provide the best light for each room.

4) Update with some small, easy touches. Painting is one of the first suggestions we make. Choose a light, neutral color that can be used as a blank canvas when decorating a room. Again, buyers want to visualize their belongings in your house. Neutral colors help buyers feel at home. Light, bright, neutral colors can also make a room feel bigger and can brighten up a room. Throw pillows and/or blankets with current colors and patterns help the room feel fresh, warm and welcoming. Any outdated decorations can easily be replaced with inexpensive, current accents.

Taking the time to prepare your house for photos, sets the stage for showing your property and ultimately receiving competitive offers.

We would be happy to connect you with the top trades people in the South Bay who can help you with any maintenance issues you do not want to tackle.

Call Steve Day at 310-529-6456 for more tips on preparing your home for sale.

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