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How Many Houses have You Sold?

When interviewing a realtor to sell your home, it is important to ask, “how many homes have you sold this year?” At first thought, you may believe that the more homes an agent has sold, the better choice he/she must be. That isn’t necessarily true. It goes back to the old cliche, “Quality, not quantity.”

This is probably your most valuable material asset and you want to make sure you hire someone you trust. We like to compare this hiring process to selecting a surgeon. You would most likely hire a doctor who has a lot of experience, works full time, is still eager to learn new techniques, someone who does a lot of surgeries but not so many that he/she is rushed, burnt out, tired or relying on a team of people you have never met. You want a quality surgeon.

We have been in many synergy groups with realtors and listened to the stories of agents who sell 30+ homes a year. Our eyes widen as we try to imagine working with so many clients per year. How could we possibly give you the attention YOU deserve AND live a balanced life? As the stories unfold, agents begin to talk about the team of people who help them and the constant stress they are under to manage so many files and the team. We have also listened to many brokers as they describe the intensity of managing many real estate agents. It reminds us why we are our own brokerage and why we stay independent.

We want to work directly with you. It’s important to us to spend time getting to know you so we can better meet your needs. We are the broker and the agent. We make the decisions, we call the shots, we are in contact with you. We aren’t busy managing other realtors or collaborating with a team. We are dedicated to being the primary contact when working with you before, during and after each transaction.

Managing an average of 20 sales per year, allows us time to give you the quality attention you deserve!

By keeping our caseload streamlined we can focus on all the details of selling your home. This keeps us from confusing files and overlooking important details. Our focus is on YOU. Too many clients can lead to mistakes. Too many team members can lead to miscommunication and mistakes.

This is probably your most valued asset. We don’t want potential problems standing in the way of you getting the most out of your asset and we want you to be protected after your home is sold.

Are you thinking of selling your home? Call Steve Day at 310-529-6456 for a complementary market analysis of your home. Steve is happy to answer any questions about the selling process. We are never too busy to help you or any of your referrals.

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